We believe that for intelligent systems to be truly useful, they should save you time and effort, not cost you hours cleaning and perfecting your data. Our solutions are built to leverage an intelligent and modular set of tools. They have been designed from the ground up to handle anything you can throw at them – whether that be noise, mixed data types, or duplicated or missing rows. We can combine these tools to create custom solutions for your business that can solve a huge array of problems, providing reliability at scale.


Understand the broad structure of your data

Crux is an extremely flexible tool that uses AI to understand and describe the normal behaviour of a system – Any system. It can adapt to a manufacturing process, a settlement system or a distributed network, and help you understand it like never before.

The best part? You won’t need perfect data, or even a lot of data. Crux was born out of process engineering, where noisy data and small samples are a way of life.


Find the insights hidden in your data

There’s a reason we named this tool after The Eagle. It can see details and errors that no human could hope to. Built on a foundation of sound probability theory, Aquila can spot high-dimensional events that really shouldn’t happen on their own. This is when your machine breaks down, or someone is posing a security risk to your business. And unlike a lot of competitors, Aquila is efficient enough to be run live on your systems – We won’t be telling you something went wrong after the fact.


Discover the groups that make up your data

Most clustering algorithms are built on rudimentary distance-based metrics. Beyond two or three dimensions, they become meaningless. Our unsupervised clustering algorithm avoids these simplistic measures, so we can see natural groupings in high-dimensions – Even if those shapes are complex and interlocking.

What does this mean for you? It means you can get insights from categorical and numerical data fields, or any mix of the two. At any scale.


Visualise the shape of your data

Vela uses topology methods to visualise your data like never before. It will expose areas of cost, risk, and even opportunities for growth that you may never have known existed. When we say we can help you ask the right questions, this is what we mean.

When paired with our other tools, Vela will allow you to interact with the good, the bad and the ugly of your data in an intuitive and easy-to-understand way.